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Company Goals

SAFETY • Strict safe work procedures and practice

TEAMWORK • Organized, experienced and strong leadership

TRAINING • Employees fully trained to required levels

PRODUCTIVITY • Work performed meets or exceeds standards set out in each contract

Andrew Groom - Fire # CO1O218 IC

Excellent performance, conduct work on most difficult portion of fire ie (blowdown, available fuel, difficult access), provided excellent DTA assessment and maps.

Rob Bosse - Fire # N50263 IC

One extra power saw operator, extra first aid coverage. 5 times the required radios for excellent coms. Beyond equipment requirements, Apex was a hard/safe working crew that was very effective and led by a very experienced crew leader. Good Job !

Apex firefighting in British Columbia

Ryan Flett, a Nelson BC based photographer, cinematographer, and film maker who worked several seasons as a fire fighter for Apex Forest & Wildfire Services Ltd. Ryan captured these amazing shots throughout the 2009 fires season in the Cariboo.

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Images of Firefighting