We are currently accepting applications for Experienced Wildland Fire Fighters, Wildfire Danger tree Assessors and Danger Tree  Fallers 

We are qualified to train, outfit, and get you ready for another expected action-packed fire season.  Opportunity to travel BC, meet new people and fly in helicopters all while you are being paid.  Firefighting can lead to exciting new opportunities and build on your work experience. Apex is Safe Certified by the BC Forest Safety Council and we are one of the largest and longest established firefighting contractors in the Nelson area. We take pride in being a reputable company within the diverse sectors of the forest industry.

If you are interested in a great summer job as an Apex forest firefighter and potentially other forestry related work then please apply online.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Check out the video filmed/photographed by an Apex employee Ryan Flett back in 2009/2010.

Employment information for firefighters


Apex Forest & Wildfire Services Ltd strive for high standards and high expectations. We are looking for employees 18 years older who want to share these values and work ethic.

We are seeking employees who are tolerant of others. Sometimes you are traveling, camping, and working with the same fire crew for over two weeks straight. Therefore people must be adaptable to personality differences and be able to resolve potential conflicts in appropriate manners.

We are looking for firefighters who are organized, dependable, and strong team players.

Apex requires our firefighters to be available to work on short notice as well as be able to commit to going away to work for 3 to 18 days at a time. Sometimes your stay is in BC Wildfire Service fire camps, sometimes hotels or tents, and sometimes you get to drive home every night. And yes sometimes you ride in a helicopter to & from the fire. We all love those days!!!

A usual fire line workday is 12 hours – time and a half after 8 hours. Often you are getting part of your day paid for in travel time. Standby days are also generally 12 hour days at a different pay rate.


Who we are looking for

Apex is looking for individuals who are self-motivated, physically fit, team orientated and flexible.

We require our employees to be organized, punctual, and good with communications skills.


Application Process
  • Please apply online.  Click here for online application. Our initial reply will be by email. We accept applications prior to one obtaining the S100 and S185.
  • Applicants must be 18 years or older.
  • Applicants must be willing to attend a job orientation and fitness test. In order to attend the job orientation, applicants must hold a current S100 and S185 or proof of registration.
  • S100 S185 Training  Location: Nelson BC. Please see calendar for dates offered.
  • Apex S100 and S185 Training: A registration code is required.  The code can be obtained after an application has been received and phone contact has been made.
Required Training

`Mandatory Certifications.

The full S-100 and S-185 courses are the minimum training requirements mandatory for all firefighters in BC.  Apex is fully qualified to instruct these courses and they are taught April, May, and June. Please CONTACT US

The S100 is a course that must be refreshed annually. It is easy and inexpensive to take the S100 refresher online. visit www.s100a.com

The S185 is a onetime course.

Cost: Apex offers the S100 and & S185 for $250.00  A deposit of $50.00 is required to secure your seat. Ask us about our training incentive program.

Additional non- mandatory certifications include.

  • PSO Power saw Operator   CONTACT US
  • DTA Danger Tree Assessor CALENDAR
  • FIRST AID only certain first aid certifications are accepted. For more information please see the First aid tab below. Please see  CALENDAR for First aid dates with Selkirk College in the Nelson, Castlegar, and Trail area.

 These certifications, especially the DTA, can significantly increase your chances of employment.

Training Records

Apex Forest & Wildfire Services Ltd requires a digital copy of your current S100 and S185 as well as all other pertinent training records prior to employment. All certifications must be approved by the BC Wildfire Service. This can be a timely process so please send current records early.

Job Orientation / Fitness Test

Job Orientation: We require potential employees to attend a job orientation. This is a great day for us to meet, for you to ask questions and for us go over every aspect of the job & our company. We discuss how we pay, explain standby, fire wages, travel, equipment, marshaling points, safety policies etc.

Fitness test: Firefighting is a physical job which requires a certain level of fitness. Our contract with the BC Wildfire Service requires that our employees must pass the moderate capacity fitness test. You must walk 3.2 km with a 25-pound backpack in 30 minutes or less.

Dates: These events happen on the same day  They are scheduled from mid-May to the end of June.

Locations: Nelson B.C.

First Aid

First aid certification is not a prerequisite however for a 5 person crew the contract requires one person to have OFA level 1 along with Transportation Endorsement, OFA level 3, or a WorkSafe BC recognized equivalent.  If you have the approved first aid training you will improve your chance of employment plus you will be compensated with a raise for every hour of every day worked. 

Accepted first aid:   

1. OFA  Level 1 &  Transportation endorsement (both are required )  or Work Safe equivalent

2. OFA Level 3   or WorkSafe BC equivalent

No other certifications will qualify for the BC Wildfire Service contract. 

Please see the link below for WorkSafe BC equivalencies for Ofa 1, Ofa3, and Transportation Endorsement. 


Training Incentives

Apex believes in compensating every firefighter extra money per hour for additional qualified certifications. Extra training is an asset to our company and therefore we strongly feel each employee deserves to be compensated for it.

Our company is fully qualified to teach many different fire courses and we often do this during standby or (preseason for our returning employees). Of course, this only happens when time permits.

We also have extra training incentives for Apex S100 and S185 fire courses. Please CONTACT US

Contract Agreement with the BC Wildfire Service

The contract all fire contractors have is “as, if & when required” so typically contractors generally cannot guarantee anyone a fire fighting job. Apex has had more than 65 employees some fire seasons. On average we employ 35 -45 people. Firefighting is a seasonal job where potential workers come and go and therefore we are always requiring new employees.