Do you need Fire Fighting training?

Click to view the Course Calendar or apply to work the “2018” Fire Season.

The following are BC Wildfire Service courses and as well as other courses instructed and organized by Apex Forest & Wildfire Services Ltd:

  1.  S100 & S185 Minimum prerequisite for fire fighters. The S100 training includes:  S130 Fundamentals of Fire Fighting, S190 Fireline Safety, S232 Portable Pumps and Water Delivery Systems & WHMIS
  2.  Crew Leader training includes S230 Crew boss, S235 Burning off and Backfiring, S212 Fire Communications, and ICS 100.
  3. Safe Chainsaw Handling and Maintenance Training (PSO). This is a non-mandatory firefighting course but can significantly improve your chances of employment.
  4. Light Truck Drivers Training.  This is a great course for any forestry job or everyday life situation.
  5. Safe ATV Operation. This course is a great asset to have in the forest industry.

The following are recommended courses instructed and organized independently from Apex: 

  1. First aid  See links for some ideas on places to receive training.
  2. Danger tree Assessor  * Wildfire Module  See links & directly contact UNBC for more information.