S100 and S185 

Registration:  A registration code is needed in order to register for the S100/S185.  Please apply prior to inquiring about training dates.

Dates: Full Apex S100 & Full S185 ( To book: View Course Calendar)

  • April 15th and 16th NOW FULL
  • April 24th and 25th  few spots remaining
  • May 14th and  15th
  • May 24th and 25th

S-100 Basic fire suppression and fireline safety

  • Upon successful completion of the course, the candidate will demonstrate a basic knowledge of wildland fire suppression organization structure, wildfire behavior, plus suppression and safety procedures. Practical skills with equipment used in BC to effectively and safely respond to wildfires are a mandatory component for initial ticket holders. Successful candidates will receive the S-100 Fire Suppression certificate.
  • The S-100 is approximately a two day course the first time you take it. This course must be refreshed annually. The refresher  S-100 can easily be done by attending a 4-hour classroom session or even easier if you take it online.

S-100 annual refresher

S-185 Fire Entrapment Avoidance

  •  Upon completion of the S-185 course, the participant will be able to size up and evaluate potential fire entrapment situations and how to act accordingly to remove himself or herself safely from a potentially risky situation, deploy the necessary resources using safe and efficient strategies and tactics to prevent loss of life.
  •  The S185 is a one-time course that takes approximately 5 hours of instruction.

Time and Place

  • Time: 8 am to 5 pm … registration at 7:45 am
  • Location: 3129 Heddle Rd Nelson BC.  Map
  • Parking:  Apex Shop next driveway from 3129
  • Entrance: Bottom floor at the back of 3129


  • Cost $250 which includes a $50.00 registration deposit. The S100 and S185 online registration require an access code which can be acquired by contacting us.
  • Please ask us about our training incentive program.


  • Instructor Doug Harrison -Apex

Course Cancellation

  • A minimum number of registrations must be received 48 hours before the course date.  If sufficient registration is not met by this date, the course may be canceled.

Withdrawing from a Course

  • If you need to withdraw from a course, please notify Apex by telephone, email, fax or letter. Voicemail is not considered an adequate method of notification.

Withdrawal Policy

  • Registration fee is non-refundable 48 hours after registration.
  • Exceptions to the above policy are made on compassionate grounds. In such cases, a written request for refund (letter or email), must be submitted. Refunds issued in exceptional circumstances may be full or partial refunds either in the method of original payment.

Getting a Refund

  • If Apex cancels a course due to low enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances, all registrants will automatically be issued a refund in the manner of original payment or by cheque in the case of cash purchases.

Confirming your Registration

  • You will receive a confirmation of your Registration via email from Apex to let you know that we received and have processed your registration.

Confirming your Course

  • Apex Forest & Wildfire courses require a minimum enrollment to proceed. When minimum enrollment has been met, or approximately 48 hours prior to the course start date, you will receive a Course Confirmation from Apex via email. This message will include course details including times, location, what to bring etc. Please ensure you have provided Apex with an active email address when you register, or a daytime phone number where we can reach you.